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Eliminates nail fungus
and promotes healthy
new nail growth.

Simon & Tom’s FungusLess TM provides you with the ultimate
mixture of nature’s best anti-fungal agents

What is

Simon & Tom’s FungusLess TM provides you with the ultimate mixture of nature’s best anti-fungal agents, essential oils, and fungus-fighting extracts.

Intent on creating the world’s most effective anti-fungal solution, the experts at Simon & Tom thoroughly researched both traditional and herbal medicine to discover the optimal topical solution for killing the fungus that attacks nails.

FungusLess combines the extraordinary health attributes of renowned argan oil, together with other active ingredients such as tea tree oil, clove oil, and others.

FungusLess is the only topical solution available that combats nail fungus using this unique blend of natural ingredients. The rare oils are sourced from around the globe. Each oil has its own unique attributes and active elements.

what sets FungusLess apart from
other solutions is the way that these ingredients
blend with one another to create an extremely
powerful and completely safe solution for
eliminating nail fungus.

Choose Your Treatment

Due to the cost and many harmful side effects of conventional drugs and oral medications for
treating nail fungus, alternative topical solutions based on natural ingredients have become
more and more popular. The healing properties of natural essential oils, such as argan oil, have
been known for centuries.

The formula is guaranteed and is formulated to treat each specific condition (nail fungus, skin infection, ingrown toenails, etc.).

The FungusLess formula has been tried and tested over many years.

Positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers attests to both its effectiveness and safety.

Using FungusLess
is quick and simple

Follow these easy steps and you’re on your way to having beautiful and
healthy nails:


Wash the affected toes or fingers thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.


Using the dropper, squeeze a few drops of the liquid onto the center of the affected nail.


Use the applicator brush to spread the liquid on the nail and surrounding cuticle.


Leave the nail uncovered until the liquid dries and is fully absorbed into the nail bed.


For best results it is recommended to perform this procedure three times per day.

I like this product because it is effective and resolved my fungal-infected toenails in a short time.

Perfect product for all kind of nail or skin fungus infections. Between the toes as well. Instant results. It was strangely difficult to open. However, was not out of date and worked perfectly as I expected from previous purchases. Some might find it expensive, but it is worth the money.

I got to know Fungusless nail fungus in Austria. I've used it with great success. Highly recommended, I continue to use it.

I bought the same thing in Meran 6 months ago, applied it twice a day and got great results. The Pils has almost completely disappeared from September to today.

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